Free Economic Zone Minsk

Free Economic Zone Minsk

Established in 1998, Free Economic Zone Minsk is one of the most favorable places for industrial production and business in Belarus.

Among the key advantages are the location in the central region of the country at the crossroads of major European highways; the economic, transport and logistics, human resources and other potential of the capital city; a wide community of national and international business partners, the support of the state and the statutory preferences of the Free Economic Zone (FEZ).

FEZ Minsk: Facts and Figures

  • more than 100 resident companies;
  • 43 modern plants have been built and reconstructed since the founding of FEZ Minsk;
  • companies from 20 countries have already invested in business in FEZ Minsk: major countries-investors include Russia, Cyprus, the UK, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, and the USA;
  • products manufactured in FEZ Minsk are exported to 65 countries.

History and Projects

Free Economic Zone Minsk, the place for profitable investment, development of manufacturing facilities based on new and high technologies, was formally launched on 2 March 1998.

Back then its area was 1,390 hectares. Today FEZ Minsk occupies more than 2,650 hectares: about 1,000 hectares are within Minsk and 1,600 hectares are in Minsk Oblast (including the sites in the major cities as Molodechno, Borisov and also in Minsk, Smolevichi, Molodechno, Borisov and Dzerzhinsk districts).

FEZ Minsk has a convenient geographic location along the Minsk ring road and European transport corridor No.2 (Berlin – Warsaw – Minsk – Moscow).

New up-to-date enterprises have been built and the old industrial facilities have been revamped and modernized. Currently, FEZ Minsk is a big industrial park comprised of enterprises, streets and highways, utilities system, and transport and business infrastructure.

Key lines of business:

  • mechanical engineering;
  • metal working;
  • cable industry;
  • chemical and petrochemical industry;
  • woodworking;
  • production of construction materials;
  • pharmaceutics;
  • logistics.

Major resident companies:

  • Alutech Incorporated, one of the leading Eastern Europe manufacturers of roller shutter systems, sectional doors and other aluminum profile constructions;
  • ADANI, one of the leading companies in the global market of X-ray scanning equipment used in the field of security, control and medicine;
  • Zorka jewelry plant;
  • Stadler Minsk, Belarus-Swiss joint venture manufacturing railway and urban electric transport;
  • BelGee, Belarusian-Chinese joint venture assembling Geely cars.

FEZ Minsk Preferences

Any legal entity can become a resident company of FEZ Minsk, regardless of the form of ownership and whether it was founded by Belarusian and (or) foreign legal entities and (or) individuals.

Main advantages offered to FEZ Minsk resident companies:

  • favorable geographic location, short distance to the main European centers;
  • tax and customs privileges;
  • convenient and immediate access to rail, air and road transport, which creates conditions for effective logistics;
  • high concentration of business-communities, international offices and organizations.

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